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With dive sites named "Well I Never" and "Critter Corner" you know you are about to experience something special. St. Vincent is known for muck diving in sand and turtle grass but it offers so much more. A diversity of small critters not found anywhere else in the Caribbean and Kay Wilson, owner of Indigo Dive St. Vincent, is an expert at finding them.
Longlure FrogfishLonglure FrogfishLonglure FrogfishLonglure FrogfishLonglure FrogfishBlennyLeech Headshield SlugConchSlate-Pencil UrchinQueen Triggerfish IntermediateSharptail EelReef UrchinLined SeahorseSpotted ScorpionfishYellowline Arrow CrabPeppermint ShrimpPeppermint ShrimpSlender FilefishReef Scorpionfish

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